Police go out on a limb to end cairns park protest

Police go out on a limb to end cairns park protest.

A group of about 30 students walked out of the entrance to the popular cairns park on Wednesday morning after they say they were refused service.

The walkout was sparked by angry residents of the park who said they were being fed up and didn’t want to have to spend $25 dollars in the park to buy a seat for a protest.

A cairns park spokeswoman said the group got the park closed after they refused service.

„The park staff had no control over any of the members,” she said.

„The members have not been consulted (and) our staff had no prior training about a protest at the park.

„We do not feel there is any conflict of interest with the park staff.”

Some of the students walked out after waiting in the park for about an hour, waiting to hear when they could have a seat.

Samantha White, who attended the protest, said it had begun around 8.30am but then a short time later the park went into lockdown.

„We are trying to keep people informed that they are not welcome,” she said.

„There is a big police presence at the site.”

The cairns park was one of several in the city that were shut as a result of a week of protest across the city against the planned cairns removal project.

media_camera Cairns park protesters walk out of the entrance in the wake of the park closure. Picture: Alex Ellinghausen

The protest began after the NSW Government was given the go-ahead to build the $1 billion cairns park in the south central city.

Opponents claimed it was a massive private park which would strip cairns of their unique cultural and wildlife features to be used for residential development.

„We have been here all week. We have seen nothing. No cairns, no cairns, no cairns, no cairns,” protester Tim Collins said.

„If they are building it, then that is the si우리카지노te and the community gets to decide what they want to do with it.

„At this stage I’m wondering if it was because it was a community protest.”

Students who were there said they were angry about the planned change to cairns.

media_camera Police officers and security guards walk past a cairns par바카라사이트k in Cairns after the park was shut dowgospelhitzn in th